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And the living is...just about anything you want it to be!

Steeped in art, history and culture, Savannah offers a unique blend of bright talent, cool creativity and an exceptionally high-quality of life.

A destination of choice for young professionals who are trading in major-metro stress and suburban sprawl, Savannah offers a wide range of cool, new and old neighborhoods.


Savannah's Neighborhoods

Commercial and residential, colonial and slate-and-steel, all make good bed fellows in our soulful downtown Historic District. Euro eats, cobblestone streets and eclectic business fronts are only second to the best looking architecture and city squares in the country.

Savannah’s next hot spot, the Victorian District, is home to Savannah’s best fixer-uppers and is marked as the next hub for commercial, retail and design trades. The district boasts 50 blocks of Victorian and Queen Anne Victorian frame houses built between 1870 and 1910 and is home to the Starland Design District and Forsyth Park.

Mostly residential, Ardsley Park is the poster child for the all-American neighborhood. Laid out in 1910 as a suburb to the downtown district – this area has become a staple for Savannah families and neighborhood businesses. Designated a National Historic District , Ardsley is proud, protected and kept in prime condition.

A commercial haven, Southside has two major malls and a throng of shopping centers, making it Savannah's business mecca. The residential pockets are famous for ranch-style and patio homes, lots of apartments and condos. Still, the southside embraces the good life with communities sitting on the Hall and Vernonburg Rivers and the 500-acre Bacon Park within its boundaries.


The Islands

Isle of Hope is timeless with its white picket fences, classic cottages and adjoining lanes with river views.

Dutch Island is an exclusive, gated community, with roomy homes, manicured lawns and traditional architecture.

Long Point is a purely residential, a gated community home to about 150 families situated in the middle of downtown, Southside and the beach.

Wilmington and Talahi Islands’ residents are lucky to be book ended by downtown and the beach – each within a 10-minute drive.

Tybee Island is Savannah’s only barrier island, boasting 3 miles of surf and sand. An eclectic bunch, its residences are young, old, single, married, conservative, artistic, wealthy, and not so wealthy. And, they all manage to see eye-to-eye on this funky, little isle.


West Chatham County

There has been a major explosion in West Chatham County; and Bloomingdale, Garden City, Pooler and Port Wentworth, are the region’s flourishing municipalities. The Westside highways can get you anywhere fast, from downtown to the airport and anywhere in between. Growth, prosperity, unabashed value – both residential and commercial – are scoring major brownie points with the area’s business and government leaders.


The Lowcountry

Beaufort County, which is just over the bridge from downtown Savannah, is the fastest growing county in South Carolina and is the home to Beaufort, Bluffton and Hilton Head Island. No matter what you’re looking for, Beaufort County has it with affordable, mid-level, upper-middle, luxury, and ultra-luxury homes and commercial spaces.